Tour Company

The original invitation from Bruce included a link to Compass Expeditions. I ordered their promotional video and assumed this would be our tour company. They offer tours for small groups of about 12 riders. They provide a chase vehicle and all arrangements and accommodations are handled by them. A very posh way to go!

After I attended the Rawhyde introduction to Adventure riding class and met the owner, Jim Hyde, I introduced him to Bruce. We decided that we should go with them instead. The trip was similar to Compass (pretty posh). They had some trouble getting the trip scheduled and we decided to try another company.

We picked a downgraded, “self guided, fly & ride” tour with the third and final company, RideAdv. They provide the bikes, itinerary, and places for lodging. It’s less than the others, but also less expensive. So, we’re pretty much on our own in Peru for two weeks — what could go wrong?

Michael Mariani

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