In 1995, Pixar released Toy Story.  Ian Mariani (our oldest son) was only 3 years old.  He and dad (me) went to see the movie on a Sunday morning.  It was Ian’s first visit to a movie theatre.  I was concerned he wouldn’t make it quietly through, but he sat quietly in his seat for the whole movie, completely enraptured.

In 1997, I registered the website and made my email address,, which was a direct ripoff from the movie.

Along with my associate, Jeanne Taggart, we dabbled with websites until our family relocated to Ventura in 1998.

Thanks to the Way Back Machine website, here are some screenshots from the website.  Wow, these look so 8bit compared to our 64bit world today.  But, I have to remember that this was hand coded HTML 1.0.

In late 2007, we sold to a company that offers travel to Africa and they are still using it today.  That meant we needed a new domain, so we ended up with