The Ride

My friend Bruce invited me to participate in a planned  motorcycle tour  by Compass Expedetions.

I haven’t been on a motorcycle in over 15 years and he was asking me to consider  a 1,500 mile journey over 16 days, covering 3 countries in South America. (Peru, Bolivia and Chile).   Why did I accept the invitation?  I think it may have been this sentence:  “it will be a trip of a lifetime and one of self discovery“.  Dang.  My friend Bruce can be very persuasive.  Maybe it wasn’t such a hard sell.  I was all in.

The trip is planned for September 2019.

I bought a bike similar to what we would be riding, a BMW 650 GS.  The GS refers to Gelände/Straße , which is German for off-road/road.

In Manhattan Beach on the ride home from Huntinigton Beach after buying the bike off Craigs List.

This is what the bike looks like when it gets stuck in the sand!

Bruce decided that he needed a practice ride also, so here’s his new (used) bike.  He’s got the dual cylinder version.  A little bigger engine and a newer model.